Of great importance
within an integrated whole or to a planned effect
Strategic Edge, LLC is dedicated to gaining competitive advantage for technology
based companies.  Primary focus is on business planning, acquisitions and product

A competitive advantage is present when a firm sustains profits above the industry
average (M. Porter).  This requires some unique competence in terms of resources
(technology, brand, etc) and/or capabilities (using resources effectively, superior
processes).  Once established, these competencies are the basis of a “Strategic

Competencies should be identified and developed as part of the internal planning
cycle.  This assessment will typically identify opportunities that can be categorized as
revenue growth or cost reduction / process improvement.  
A favorable margin or advantage; incisive or
penetrating quality
Strategy & Business Planning

Partnerships & Acquisitions

Product Differentiation & Strategic Pricing
Strategic Edge, LLC provides techniques and services to ensure superior results in
the highlighted process areas:
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