• Model the Way – ensure consistency between words
    and actions - lead by example

  • Inspire a Shared Vision - create an image of where
    the organization is headed and enlist the support of

  • Challenge the Process - look for innovative ways to
    improve the organization and be willing to take risks

  • Enable Others to Act - create an atmosphere of
    mutual trust, collaboration and ownership of
    organizational goals

  • Encourage the Heart - provide inspiration to achieve
    extraordinary results - recognize contributions &
    celebrate accomplishments

I’ve found these principals extremely effective in guiding
leaders and apply this perspective in my consulting.  
Additional leadership insight can be found in the white
paper listed below:                  
Inspirational Leadership  - and it’s impact on Corporate Culture, Politics and Motivation  

While not a formal part of the consulting practice (there are
more than enough leadership coaches out there) – leadership
issues are unavoidable when consulting at a senior
management level.  As the graphics suggest, leaders have
responsibility for establishing a vision for the future and
orchestrating the successful accomplishment of that vision.  
These activities require insight, creativity and hard work from a
team of people who are aligned and committed to a common
goal.  An excellent model of key leadership behaviors was
developed by Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner and published in
their book “The Leadership Challenge”.  
These attributes include:
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