A relationship characterized by mutual
cooperation and responsibility for the
achievement of a specified goal.
Gaining a Strategic Edge may require access to external resources,
technology or distribution channels.  This is especially true when attempting to
grow outside of core products and markets – where internal development has
higher risk and longer lead-time.  Finding an established partner that brings the
requisite skills is often a better alternative.


Many consultants support acquisitions - providing market assessments,
financial models and due diligence support.  While this is a necessary part of
the process, it does not address the issues that cause acquisitions to miss
expectations or fail entirely.  The keys are to fully understand the value
proposition for the combination and for both parties to have shared
expectations of this “synergy” and the process required to achieve it.  The
Strategic Edge approach meets these needs by:

  • Ensuring thorough assessment of objectives, potential candidates and
    strategic fit.
  • Considering all forms of partnership (alliance, JV and acquisition).
  • Working with both parties to ensure common expectations for integration
    and management.
  • Supporting the integration to ensure that the inevitable differences in
    culture and leadership don’t compromise objectives and performance.

Value Added:

  • It is critical that an experienced and unbiased professional look beyond
    the hype to understand the real potential for the combination.  All too
    often the acquiring company gets caught up in the “thrill of the chase”
    and overlooks key information or significant cultural / leadership issues.
  • Integration activities are often assumed to be mundane and delegated to
    middle management.  Beyond the integration checklists, it is essential to
    communicate objectives, track progress and keep an eye on the pulse of
    the new group.
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