Bob worked for me at PRI Automation from 1997 to 1999.  He led the Factory Systems Division, providing automated material
handling hardware and software to the semiconductor fabrication industry.  This was a period of major change for PRI – transitioning
from rapid initial growth in 200mm to a whole new set of applications in lithography and 300mm systems.  Bob was particularly
effective in this environment – driving the conceptual trade-offs between marketing concepts and realistic development programs.  
He has exceptional analytic skills - quickly sizing up key issues and gaining consensus and commitment for action from the staff.  
This ability to uncover and express core issues, coupled with his strong facilitation skills, will guarantee his success in helping clients
discover and develop highly differentiated products.

Mitch Tyson
Advanced Electron Beams, Inc

I’ve worked with Bob for over 7 years and have always been impressed by his ability to quickly assess business issues, determine
the most effective course of action and take decisive action.  He led the turnaround of our two largest acquisitions – ASTeX and ENI.  
In each case, he was asked to assume leadership about 9 months into the integration when we realized that the existing GM’s would
not be effective.  With ENI, he faced huge challenges with legacy product performance and profitability.  These issues were
corrected and the business returned to profitability and strong growth.  With ASTeX, he was able to re-align the management team
to focus on key strategic issues and focus technical resources on regaining lost market share.  The result has been 3.3X growth
from 2003 to 2006, dominant market share and outstanding profitability.  I strongly recommend his expertise, insight and straight-
forward approach to anyone seeking accelerated growth and profitability.

Leo Berlinghieri
President and CEO
MKS Instruments
Bob worked for me from 1990 to 1997 while I was Vice President of the
Semiconductor Equipment Division of Eaton Corporation (since spun out
as Axcelis).  For the majority of that time, he had full P&L accountability
and managed the marketing, design and manufacturing of our implant
products.  Bob led a major market share increase based on developing
tools with the highest level of productivity for our customers.  He and his
team also foresaw a major shift in the market requirements for
implanters.  This intelligence was used to design and introduce an
enhanced High Energy Implanter that moved us from 20% share in a
$20M market to 80% share of a $200M market.  Throughout my
association with Bob, he has displayed an exceptional level of drive to
get results coupled with a unique ability to create a vision and get the
most out of his team.  He is extremely versatile – able to analyze difficult
business problems and develop creative strategies yet also able to deal
with unanticipated customer crises.  I strongly recommend him for any
role where his broad experience, creativity, analytic skills and leadership
can be utilized.

Peter Younger
Vice President, Semiconductor Equipment Division
Eaton Corporation
Bob and I worked together from 1992 to 1997.  During most of that period we were both General Managers for our respective
businesses and both served on the Board of Directors for Sumitomo Eaton Nova (a joint venture between Eaton and Sumitomo
Heavy Industries).  This period was one of exceptional collaboration between these two organizations.  Bob created cross company
teams for product marketing and design – leading to the joint development of new ion implanters and joint sourcing for
manufacturing.  This led to significant growth in market share and substantial improvements in productivity - with each organization
leading where it had strong competence.  Beyond this commercial success, I greatly appreciated Bob’s leadership skills, broad-
minded character, decisive approach to problem solving and strong background in the semiconductor equipment industry.  Anyone
working with Bob will find him invaluable in the areas of strategic and business planning, international business partnerships and
product marketing / development.  I look forward to the next opportunity to work with Bob.

Noriyuki Takahashi
Senior Advisor (and past President)
SEN Corporation, an SHI and Axcelis Company
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