Highly successful firms create a strategic framework for their business.  Once established,
they ensure alignment of business objectives throughout the organization with the
supporting metrics and programs to meet those objectives.  
Strategic Edge, LLC applies
this approach to help clients develop competitive competencies.  This is not an exercise
in writing mission statements or leading discussions about culture.  We take a pragmatic
approach to find and implement competitive product and business process advantages.

  • Engage the senior management team and assess:
  • Market needs and competitive position.
  • Internal competencies and process capabilities.
  • Current and potential financial performance.

  • Define gaps and opportunities.

  • Develop “Key Result Areas” that will add competitive advantage.
  • Each topical area typically has 2-5 specific projects.
  • Objectives, metrics and leadership established for each team.
  • Project leaders are accountable for results.

Value Added:

  • Structured, efficient process avoids extended off-sites and debate.

  • Creates a common business model and alignment of goals for the senior team.

  • Ensures fast translation from ideas to results.
The pattern or plan that integrates an
organization's major goals, policies and
actions into a cohesive whole ...
allocates resources into a unique and
viable posture based on internal
competencies, anticipated changes in
the environment and contingent moves
by intelligent opponents. (Quinn, 1980)
"Business Plan"
Transformation of strategic principals
and objectives into executable actions -
focus on accountability for results.
Strategic and Business Planning
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